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In teams of two, AMRAP in 8 minutes of:
60 Double unders
Max effort clean 70/50kg.

Partner one will start with the double unders and partner two will start with the cleans and perform as many cleans as he/she can during the time it takes for partner one to finish the set amount of double unders. After this there’s a change of turns, partner two starts with the DU’s and partner one continues with the cleans.

The score is total number of cleans performed by team.

While incarcerated, Fletcher Tholin discovered CrossFit. Watch his rehabilitation in this eight-part series.

In Episode 6, we learn when things started to take a turn for the worse in Tholin’s youth.

“He was never a bad kid,” says Tholin’s mother, Diane. “He was always a good kid.”

But that changed by 16, Tholin says, when he began experimenting with a myriad of drugs.

“Because of the drugs and the partying and all that stuff, I got kicked out of my dad’s house,” he says.

Tholin was homeless for some time after that.

“When things get so dark and you get so deep … you just really do not care,” he says.

Years later and on the road to recovery, Tholin cares more than ever and his focus has changed—and it hasn’t gone unrecognized by his mother.

“I noticed a huge difference … when his whole mind was focused on CrossFit,” she says. “It was just like some savior that he was just so devoted to this thing. I could tell it was very healthy and very good for him.”

Tholin acknowledges he has a long road ahead. But he’s up for the challenge.

“In order to change—which is not easy—you have to 100 percent be committed,” he says. “Eat, breathe and sleep it.”

Video by Gary Roberts and Jordan Shalhoub.

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