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Kettlebell Snatch technique
Secret Service Snatch Test

Perform as many Kettlebell snatches in 10 minutes as possible. (24 / 16 kg)

You may switch hands as often as you like, set the kettlebell as often and for as long as you like, but your score is the total sum of snatches performed in the 10 minute period.

”What is a good score?” everyone wants to know. For the Service, there is no minimum score as the test is about guts and determination. For those of us not in that line of work, a numeric score helps us compare and improve. A score of 100 is lethargic. That is only 1 snatch every 6 seconds. If that is all you can muster, thank you for trying, do some more training and try again in a few months when you can do 30-40 snatches per arm, non-stop. 150 gets a good sweat rolling, and a score of 200 is where we start feeling some real pain. 250 repetitions places you in the bleeding-from-the-eyeballs elite class. 275 is the record and is held by a recluse in Montana that is rarely seen.”

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