Torstai 19.7.2018


Weightlifting – Snatch

Mobility 1000-1100 & 1700-1800

Keskiviikko 18.7.2018


Strength (load)
Back Squat 5RM + 1x AMRAP @ 90% of 5RM

Metcon (time)
For time:
150 Wallball shots 20/14lb

*20 Lunge steps everytime you drop the ball.

Timecap: 13 minutes.

Tiistai 17.7.2018


Metcon (time)

With partner 3 rounds(each) for time:

300/250m row
10 Burpees

*You go, I go. Go ALLOUT

Timecap: 12 minutes


For 12 minutes:
10-15 Weighted sit-ups
10-15 JM press with DB’s.

This is for quality. No rest between sets.

Maanantai 16.7.2018


Metcon (quality)

EMOM for 20 minutes of:
Hang power snatch + Hang squat snatch

*Choose moderate weight that is challenging, but moves well. Increase weight every 3-4 sets IF the lifts are good.

Sunnuntai 15.7.2018


Metcon (time)

7 Rounds for time:
20 Jumping lunges
2 Cleans*
200m run

*Increase weight by 5-10kg every round. Start light, finish heavy.

Timecap: 20 minutes

Lauantai 14.7.2018


Metcon (time)

With partner for time:

P1) 500-400-300-200-100m row
P2) Barbell front rack hold 60/40kg

P1 can only row when P2 has the barbell in front rack hold.

*15 burpee penalty after each round if the barbell is dropped in the middle of a row.

Timecap: 15 min

Perjantai 13.7.2018


Skill – Toes to bar

Metcon (reps)

2 rounds of:

AMRAP in 2 minutes:
Bar facing burpees
Rest 2 minutes
AMRAP in 2 minutes:
Toes to bar
Rest 2 minutes

Torstai 12.7.2018


Weightlifting – Clean and jerk

Mobility 1000-1100 & 1700-1800

Keskiviikko 11.7.2018


Metcon (rounds & reps)

With partner AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
P1) 400m run
1 Rope climb
3 DB Thrusters 20/10kg DB’s
5 weighted box step-overs 20/10kg DB’s
24/20” inch box

*Partner 2 does as many rounds and reps as possible during partner 1 is running 400m lap. After 400m run there’s change of turns and P1 continues from where P2 left.

Tiistai 10.7.2018


Metcon (quality)

EMOM for 20 minutes:

2 Floor press
5 Box jumps 30/24”

Choose a moderate weight that is challenging, but moves well.