Maanantai 1.3.2021

Metcon (reps)

AMRAP in 15 minutes of: 

15 Push-ups

15 KBS 24/16kg

15 Wallball shots 20/14lb

Sunnuntai 28.2.2021

Strength (load)

Front squat, 7 sets of 1. AHAP.

Lift every 3:00

Lauantai 27.2.2021

Metcon (reps)

With partner AMRAP in 15 minutes of

15 CTB pull-ups

15m Weighted walking lunge with DB’s in front rack

*You go, I go. 

M: 22,5kg N: 15kg DB’s

Perjantai 26.2.2021

Strength (load)

Shoulder press, 7 sets of 1. AHAP. 

Lift every 2:30

Torstai 25.2.2021

Metcon (quality)

20 minutes for quality & steady pace

15 Calories bike erg

10 Medball cleans

5+5 Samson lunges

15 Calories row erg

10 Plate GTOH

5 Push-up into downward dog

Keskiviikko 24.2.2021

Metcon (quality)

AMRAP in 30 minutes of:

ME hang from the pull-up bar

*30 Push-ups

60 Air squats

*Every time you come off the pull-up bar, do the push ups and air squats before getting back on the pull-up bar. 

Tiistai 23.2.2021

Metcon (time)

For time:

2000m row

Timecap: 10 minutes. 

Vertaa tulosta viikon 1 suoritukseen. 

Maanantai 22.2.2021

Metcon (time)


5 Rounds for time: 

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang power cleans

6 Push jerks

M: 70kg N: 47,5kg

Timecap: 12 minutes

Uusintatesti! Vertaa tulosta viikon 1 suoritukseen

Sunnuntai 21.2.2021

Strength (load)

10 sets of 2 hang power snatches. 

Lift every 1:30. 

*Moderate/heavy weight.

Lauantai 20.2.2021

Strength (load)

Front squats, 7 x 1. Climbing weight
Lift every 2:30

Perjantai 19.2.2021

Metcon (reps)

AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

30 Burpees

30 Toes to bar

Torstai 18.2.2021

Strength (load)

Shoulder press, 5 sets of 2 @RPE9 + 1 set for max reps.

Lift every 2:30

Keskiviikko 17.2.2021

Metcon (reps)

“Incredible Hulk”

AMRAP in 20 minutes of: 

5 Deadlifts

5 Hang power cleans

5 Front squats

5 Push press

5 Back squats

*Choose moderate to heavy weight that allows you to link reps together. 

Tiistai 16.2.2021

Metcon (quality)

5 Rounds for quality and steady pace

1:20 bike erg

1:20 DB bench press, alternating arms 10/5kg DB’s

1:20 Plate hop 20kg plate

1:20 row erg, arms only

*:10s transition time between stations. 

Maanantai 15.2.2021

Metcon (time)

With partner 2 rounds (each) for time: 1500m row

*Active recovery on bike erg after each row. YGIG

Timecap: 28 minutes